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For thousands of years, heroic stories have been used to inspire, motivate, and transfer cultural values to children. These stories have a common pattern. They begin with a likeable hero who encounters a challenge or roadblock in life. Then, with the help of others, the hero emerges from the difficult situation transformed by his or her experiences.


Registration Intake (Adults Only)

Volunteers will be the main contact for families arriving to the event.

Tear down and clean up

Volunteers will help community partners with their tables, by taking tables down and to their vehicles. Volunteers may also clean up around the property.

Backpack fill stations

Volunteers will ensure plenty of backpacks and supplies are available for the students to pick their own and collect “school passports.”

Water stations

Volunteers will ensure that water is available for guests, volunteers and community partners.

Trash duty

Volunteers will ensure the trash is removed around the property.